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A scoundrel who uses stealth and trickery to overcome obstacles and enemies.

Proficiencies (edit | view)
Cloth, Light
Simple Weapons, Light Crossbows, Longswords, Rapiers, Shortswords
Dexterity, Intelligence
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Known NPC Rogues in the game are: Izhkin and Larethar Gulgrin

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Ability Trees[edit | edit source]

Scoundrel[edit | edit source]

"Often falling on both sides of the law, most Scoundrels have mastered the art of deception and thievery, whether it is for their own personal gain or in service of those in need. Skulking in shadows and striking without warning, these abilities are usually what rogues are famous for."

  • Hide: Toggle 5s Effect: Stealth and next attack has advantage and +5 crit range Cost: 0
  • Sneak Attack: Passive Effect: 3-12 damage, if ally is within 5 feet of target or you have advantage. Auto crit of done from stealth Requires: Level 2 Cost: 2
  • Dirty Trick: Cone AoE (5 Yds, 80' arc) 80s Effect: Dex save or take 7-19 Bludgeoning damage and blinded for 10 seconds Requires: Level 3 Cost: 2
  • Knave's Gambit: Toggle 40s Effect: Increase crit range by 2, but you get -10 AC Requires: Level 7 Cost: 3
  • Sudden Strike: Melee 200s Effect: 9-30 Slashing damage and target grants combat advantage for 20 seconds Requires: Level 9 Cost: 3

Thief[edit | edit source]

"Dashing in and out of combat with ease. Thieves are a sight to behold on the battlefield, and among the most difficult of enemies to keep track of. Their combat skills are equalled only by their charm and persuasion, along with their ability to get into areas and make use of items never meant for them."

  • Dash: Self 40s Effect: +50% movement speed for 10 seconds Cost: 1
  • Disengage: Self 20s Effect: +50% damage resistance for 4 seconds and +5 bonus to stealth Cost: 1
  • Expertise: Passive Effect: +3 to lockpicking, search and disarming traps Requires: Level 3 Cost: 1
  • Go for the Throat: Melee 20s Effect: Prevent target from spellcasting for 12 seconds Requires: Level 5 Cost: 2
  • Evasion: Passive Effect: Take no damage when successfully make a dex saving throw Requires: Level 7 Cost: 3
  • Slipper Mind: Passive Effect: gain proficiency in Wis saving throws and +6 to decipher a scroll Requires: Level 7 Cost: 3

Assassin[edit | edit source]

"Dealers of death, an Assassin's sole goal is to execute their targets as quickly and efficiently as possible. Assassin abilities focus on closing quickly with their prey and striking with devastating force. Many foes do not even see an assassin's blade until it is too late."

  • Hidden Dagger: Range (18 Yds) 40s Effect: 6-15 Piercing damage and increases targets cooldowns by 100% Cost: 1
  • Misty Step: Range (15 Yds) 20s Effect: Teleport and if enemy targeted deal 4-12 Slashing damage Requires: Level 3 Cost: 2
  • Endanger: Melee 120s Effect: 7-24 Slashing damage and target takes 30% additional Bludgeoning, Piercing and Slashing damage for 30 seconds Requires: Level 5 Cost: 2
  • Deathstrike: Melee 200s Effect: 3-6 Slashing damage, Con saving throw or take 28-103 Slashing damage Requires: Level 6 Cost: 3
  • Substitution: Summon 160s Effect: Place a dummy for 20 seconds and game +10 to stealth Requires: Level 7 Cost: 3

Arcane Trickster[edit | edit source]

"Some rogues enhance their fine honed skills of stealth and agility with magic, learning tricks of enchantment and illusion. The abilities of an arcane trickster focus on distraction and confusing one's enemies making them far more susceptible to their powerful melee attacks."

  • Sleep: Ranged Aoe (18 Yds, 3 Yds radius) 40s: Con saving throw or fall unconscious, ends when target takes damage Cost: 1
  • Hold Monster: Range (18 Yds) 80s Effect: Wis saving throw or be paralyzed for 60 seconds. Each round a second save can end the effect early Requires: Level 2 Cost: 3
  • Trickster's Implement: Self 120s: Each hit deals extra 1-4 Necrotic damage for 30 seconds Requires: Level 5 Cost: 2
  • Versatile Trickster: Range (18 Yds) 160s Effect: Wis saving throw or grant combat advantage for 15 seconds. Requires: Level 6 Cost: 2
  • Confusion: Range AoE (18 Yds, 2 Yds radius) 160s Effect: Wis saving throw or be confused. At the end of each of its turns wis saving throw to end effect Requires: Level 7 Cost: 3

Two-Weapon Fighting[edit | edit source]

"Two-Weapon Fighting, or dual wielding employs the use of a weapon in each hand. This style of combat allows one to rain blows upon their enemies, riposting and whirling across the battlefield in dizzying battle of death"

  • Whirlwind Attack: PBAoE (4 Yds) 40s Effect: 5-13 Slashing damage, partial damage on miss Cost: 2
  • Cage of Chains: Range (4 Yds) 80s Effect: Dex saving throw or take 8-22 Bludgeoning damage and be trapped in place for 10 seconds Requires: Level 2 Cost: 2
  • Riposte: Self 100s Effect: 40% parry chance which causes 4-8 slashing, lasts 12 seconds Requires: Level 3 Cost: 2
  • Crimson Edge: Melee 80s Effect: 7-16 Slashing damage and 15-35 Slashing damage over 12 seconds Requires: Level 5 Cost: 3

Martial[edit | edit source]

"Whether a grizzled veteran or a squire in training, most professions have some degree of martial training. Those who excel in the use of arms, armor and melee combat are a fearsome force to behold on the battlefield. Martial abilities focus on manipulating the battlefield by weakening one's enemies."

  • Victorious Surge: Melee 40s Effect: 5-16 Bludgeoning damage and heals 7-9 hp Cost: 1
  • Flying Foe: Range (12 Yds) 40s Effect: 5-12 Piercing damage and pull target Cost: 1
  • Impede: Melee 80s Effect: 12-36 Slashing damage and slowing for 30 seconds Requires: Level 3 Cost: 2
  • Break the Wall: Melee 160s Effect: 15-48 Slashing damage and target has -5 AC for 60 seconds Requires: Level 5 Cost: 2
  • Wounding Blow: Melee 280s Effect: 17-58 Slashing damage and -100% healing for 60 seconds Requires: Level 7 Cost: 3

Archery[edit | edit source]

"Master of the bow and arrow or crossbow and bolt, a well-trained archer can often pick off their enemies long before they ever have a chance to reach them. The entire battlefield is an archer's target range, and they can call out targets to their allies, shoot down enemies on at a time or even rain down arrows on multiple targets."

  • Hunter's Mark: Range (18 Yds) 40s Effect: target grants combat advantage, cannot stealth and take 20% additional damage for 30 seconds Cost: 1
  • Debilitating Shot: Range (18 Yds) 80s Effect: 11-38 damage and -50% movement speed and -1 to hit and damage for 30 seconds Requires: Level 2 Cost: 1
  • Arrow of Slaying: Range (18 Yds) 200s Effect: 21-78 damage Requires: Level 5 Cost: 2
  • Split Shot: AoE Cone (18 Yds, 45' arc) 240s Effect: 25-94 Slashing damage Requires: Level 11 Cost: 3

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