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Destructoid – Sword Coast Legends’ Dungeon Master surpassed my expectations – “A few more keys were pressed and a lightning storm began raging. Zooming into the cabin, he quickly placed loot and furniture around the room, finishing up by leaving a corpse with an impossible amount of bloodstains around him. It was by this point that I was becoming seriously impressed by how easy DMing looked. Sure, Schwalk was familiar with the system by now, but despite the large number of drop-down menus, sliders, and toggles, the process was easy to follow.”

Game Informer – Dive Into Your Own Dungeons “While the game has other aspects to it, this "build a campaign" feature feels like the next evolution of Dungeons & Dragons. Forget hours of setup and boxes full of pieces – everything you could ever want to play with is available here. I can definitely see this being used to host D&D games, especially for playgroups that may have become separated over the years as people move from place to place; all you have to do is log on voice chat and boom, you may as well be in the DM's living room.”

MMORPG.COM – The Five Best Games and Announcements of E3 2015 – “In the Dungeon Master mode, someone can open up the Campaign Creation feature to build their own adventures from scratch. The developers have assembled a collection of tilesets and resources to pull from, but all of the small details from NPC dialogue and quest goals, to the color of their armor and the actual placements of everything is fully customizable. In the span of just a few minutes, they were able to throw together a unique dungeon for us to play. And during the game, the DM gets full access to manipulate the game, on the fly, while everyone is inside the dungeon. It’s a unique, innovative, and fun feature.” &
Being a DM has never been so fun –

PC GAMER - Sword Coast Legends’ powerful DM tools are promising – “Digital DMing may not be an entirely new concept, but Sword Coast’s robust combination of level-building and light scripting made for an impressive half-hour. Honestly it’s hard not to be intrigued by the idea that, if you’re DMing and you tell your players they’ll find a certain character in front of a specific tavern and at a particular time of day, you can actually go make that character exist and she will be able to send them on a quest. Our preliminary judgement is that Sword Coast Legends at least ought to be on your radar, and we'll have a better sense of how it truly works in the wild when it releases on September 8.”

PC World – Why Sword Coast Legends is the digital Dungeons & Dragons you’ve been waiting for – “ .. Now, three months later I think it has a pretty damn good chance of being my favorite game of E3. And yes, I know we just got started—that’s how incredible Sword Coast Legends is.”

The Escapist - Sword Coast Legends Hands On: Enter the Dungeon – “In the brief scenario that was set up for us, we learned that an associate has gone missing. The developer, who was actually playing the dungeon master, created a contact in town, chose the race, class and name of the contact, and was able to create triggers that could begin or end quests. He also created a potion vendor in town, giving that vendor a cart for a bit of ambiance, and creating the inventory that the vendor would carry”

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