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Background (edit | view)

A master of martial combat, skilled with a variety of weapons and armor.

Proficiencies (edit | view)
Cloth, Light, Medium, Heavy, Shields
Simple, Martial
Strength, Constitution

Known NPC Fighters in the game are: Belamy Lightfingers and Jarhild Stoneforge

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Ability Trees[edit | edit source]

Battle Master[edit | edit source]

"Battle Masters take an almost academic approach to combat, employing a high level of veteran tricks and battlefield tactics to both rally their allies and manipulate the battlefield against their enemies. Battle Masters know exacly how best to intimidate their opponents, and when to pull on all of their reserve strength for a finishing blow"

  • Second Wind: Self 40s Effect: heal and gain +8 max hp for 12 seconds Cost: 1
  • Commander's Shout: Range (15 Yds) Effect: Target gets +1 to hit and damage for 60 seconds Cost: 1
  • Action Surge: Self 80s Effect: +25% action speed for 6 seconds Requires: Level 3 Cost: 2
  • Rally: PBAoE (15 yds) 80s Effect: +5 max HP for 60 seconds Requires: Level 3 Cost: 2
  • Reign of Terror: PBAoE (10 Yds) 160s Effect: Wis saving throw or be confused and -3 AC for 30 seconds, each round Wis saving throw to end early Requires: Level 7 Cost: 3

Champion[edit | edit source]

"Champions focus on the development of raw physical power honed to deadly perfection. Champions train day and night with almost all known weapons, learning how to use each one most effectively in order to deal devastating critical strikes to their opponents"

  • Steel Serpent: Melee 40s Effect: 8-22 Slashing and 50% movement penalty for 12 seconds Cost: 1
  • Sure Strike: Melee 80s Effect: Auto hit for 10-31 damage Requires: Level 3 Cost:2
  • Improved Critical: Passive Effect: Increase crit range by 1 Requires: Level 3 Cost: 2
  • Weapon Master: Passive Effect: Add extra attack Requires: Level 5 Cost: 2
  • Forceful Blows: Passive Effect: Each attack gains +2% chance to knock down Requires: Level 7 Cost: 3

Two-Weapon Fighting[edit | edit source]

"Two-Weapon Fighting, or dual wielding employs the use of a weapon in each hand. This style of combat allows one to rain blows upon their enemies, riposting and whirling across the battlefield in dizzying battle of death"

  • Whirlwind Attack: PBAoE (4 Yds) 40s Effect: 5-13 Slashing damage, partial damage on miss Cost: 2
  • Cage of Chains: Range (4 Yds) 80s Effect: Dex saving throw or take 8-22 Bludgeoning damage and be trapped in place for 10 seconds: Requires: Level 2 Cost: 2
  • Riposte: Self 100s Effect: 40% parry chance which causes 4-8 slashing, lasts 12 seconds Requires: Level 3 Cost: 2
  • Crimson Edge: Melee 80s Effect: 7-16 Slashing damage and 15-35 Slashing damage over 12 seconds Requires: Level 5 Cost: 3

Great Weapon Fighting[edit | edit source]

"Great Weapon Fighting employs the use of extremely large and powerful weapons, most of which must be wielded with two hands. While the attacks of Great Weapons can be slower nothing can match their sheer power range and striking force"

  • Charge: Range (12 Yds) 40s Effect: Dash forward and deal 6-17 Slashing damage Cost: 1
  • Cleave: Passive Effect: Follow up attack in 180 cone within 3.5 Yds for 8-22 Slashing damage Requires: Level 2 Cost: 2
  • Power Attack: Melee 80s Effect: Dex saving throw or take 18-63 slashing, save for half Requires: Level 3 Cost: 2
  • Unyielding Avalanche: Aura (Melee) 140s Effect: Enemies near you take 7-21 Slashing damage, you gain 36-42 HP over duration, +2 AC and +3 all saves Lasts 12 seconds Requires: Level 6 Cost: 3
  • Shockwave: Cone (6 Yds) 160s Effect: Dex saving throw or take 19-67 Force damage, Str saving throw or be knocked prone, save for half damage Requires: Level 7 Cost: 3

Protection[edit | edit source]

"Regardless of their class, heroes that are of true heart seek above all else to protect and defend their allies and those who cannot fend for themselves. Protection abilities focus on the ability to close quickly with enemies and to defend against the strongest of attacks."

  • Shield Bash: Range (3 Yds) 40s Effect: 6-15 Bludgeoning damage and briefly stun Cost: 1
  • Shield Wall: Self 80s Effect: Auto block projectiles for 8 seconds Requires: Level 3 Cost: 2
  • Bulwark: Self 140s Effect: +2 Ac, +10% all damage resistance, +2 saving throws, +5 max HP and lasts 15 seconds Requires: Level 5 Cost: 2
  • Extended Defense: Passive Aura (2 Yds) Effect: Allies gain +1 AC Requires: Level 7 Cost: 3

Martial[edit | edit source]

"Whether a grizzled veteran or a squire in training, most professions have some degree of martial training. Those who excel in the use of arms, armor and melee combat are a fearsome force to behold on the battlefield. Martial abilities focus on manipulating the battlefield by weakening one's enemies."

  • Victorious Surge: Melee 40s Effect: 5-16 Bludgeoning damage and heals 7-9 hp Cost: 1
  • Flying Foe: Range (12 Yds) 40s Effect: 5-12 Piercing damage and pull target Cost: 1
  • Impede: Melee 80s Effect: 12-36 Slashing damage and slowing for 30 seconds Requires: Level 3 Cost: 2
  • Break the Wall: Melee 160s Effect: 15-48 Slashing damage and target has -5 AC for 60 seconds Requires: Level 5 Cost: 2
  • Wounding Blow: Melee 280s Effect: 17-58 Slashing damage and -100% healing for 60 seconds Requires: Level 7 Cost: 3

Archery[edit | edit source]

"Master of the bow and arrow or crossbow and bolt, a well-trained archer can often pick off their enemies long before they ever have a chance to reach them. The entire battlefield is an archer's target range, and they can call out targets to their allies, shoot down enemies on at a time or even rain down arrows on multiple targets."

  • Hunter's Mark: Range (18 Yds) 40s Effect: target grants combat advantage, cannot stealth and take 20% additional damage for 30 seconds Cost: 1
  • Debilitating Shot: Range (18 Yds) 80s Effect: 11-38 damage and -50% movement speed and -1 to hit and damage for 30 seconds Requires: Level 2 Cost: 1
  • Arrow of Slaying: Range (18 Yds) 200s Effect: 21-78 damage Requires: Level 5 Cost: 2
  • Split Shot: AoE Cone (18 Yds, 45' arc) 240s Effect: 25-94 Slashing damage Requires: Level 11 Cost:3

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