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Please Create a Page dedicated to the Community Created Campaign using the Community Portal using the format "Community:Content:Campaigns:(name of Campaign)". This will make it easier for us to categorize them in the future.

WARNING: To avoid duplicate posts, please only create this page if you are the Author of the Campaign or have the author's express permission to list the campaign. If you are an author and see your campaign listed without your permission, please notify us immediately via the Admin Noticeboard and we will address the issue as soon as possible.

On the page you create about the campaign, you may link to external sites in the review section and put any appropriate information you choose in those. Then add the Date of Release, Name of the campaign, the Author of the campaign, and link to the wiki page you created here. Do not include any details beyond that to avoid this to avoid this page getting cluttered. Please try to add to the top so the newest campaigns will always be on top and people will not have to scroll down as the list gets long. We will do our best to verify the links and add them to the page appropriately so the entire line links to the appropriate wiki page.

09/08/15 User Created Adventure by DM Wannabe
09/19/15 Wonder Quest: Chapters 1,2 by DM Reanor
09/26/15 The Blood Moon Story by DM Reanor
10/03/15 The Candlelight by Languard

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